Some words about me:

*waving awkwardly while desperately locating the nearest exit signs*
I'm a photographer based in Gothenburg. Originally from the mentally abandoned island of Orust. Born in 1988, so I have heard from aplenty that I am still young and I don't mind living in that illusion... Disillusion? 

My journey into photography was a hobby, and I used to model in my early 20's. But truth be told, my interest lay more in the artistry of the lens rather than the striking of poses. 
So I dabbled and experimented and that happened to develop into a professional endeavor while working at a Pinchos restaurant. Turns out, I had a knack for this craft! Capturing images for menus, websites, and social scrolls gradually forged the path I tread today.
My education is more of a self-guided expedition and the path is spread with a mix of blogs and YouTube tutorials.  So no prestigious titles adorn my name, no formal accolades, merely an unadulterated enthusiasm and a penchant for all things nerdy.
For me photography is still very much about experimentation. I've come to know the technical stuff, most of what I need to know, but in the end it's the creativity of experimentation that keeps it going.
I’ve been published in the following papers: 
Essen & Trinken

And been employed or helped the following companies:
The Concept 2018
A beautiful restaurant and club with wonderful showartists in Gothenburg
Pinchos / Pincho Nation (Sweden, Denmark and Norway) 2015- 2019 
An interesting and exciting circus themed restaurant franchise. And it comes with an app
Smögens glassbar 2018-2019 
Cosy and tasty little ice cream place to visit 
WITP (Walk in the park) 2018
Park themed restaurant in Gothenburg with the best pizza I’ve ever had
Kockarnas Matlucka 2018
Restaurant in Smögen on the west coast of Sweden
MinDoris 2016-2020
Jewellery designer (and dear friend) Amanda Oscarsson and her beautiful creations
This was boring so I asked ChatGPT to improve it.. and make it rhyme ;) 
Hey there, sometimes I'm on the lookout for faces to capture,
But not just anyone, gotta have a bit of camera rapture.
You should at least tolerate being in a photo scene,
If my style clicks, apply – it might be keen.
Yet I've grown choosy, don't want the same old game,
If it's a LinkedIn pose, it's not my aim.
Art's what I chase, not just routine shots, you see,
If you're into that, we might not agree.
Tell me your thoughts, where you're at, and what you adore,
Let's keep it photography, nothing more.
It's cool to show skin, but no touchy stuff, please,
Let's be decent adults, that's the tease.
My lens captures beauty, but let's keep it clean,
Artistry, not intimacy, is my favoured scene.
A respectful connection, mature and refined,
No unwanted advances, let's keep that in mind.
So simply: If you like my style and don't want the regular LinkedIn profile picture, contact me. But I reserve the right to be picky.. or that I just have other priorities. Also it's all about the art and therefore artistic nudity is fine, and truly I emphasize on the artistic, but please sod off if you're gonna try anything. I'm NOT interested in you.  
Thank you! You'll be hearing from me shortly
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