I’ve been published in the following papers: 
Hallandsposten, Nöjesguiden
And been employed or helped the following companies:
The Concept 2018 A beautiful restaurant and club with wonderful showartists, in Gothenburg
Pinchos / Pincho Nation (Sweden, Denmark and Norway) 2015- 2019 An interesting and exciting circus themed restaurant franchise. And it comes with an app
Smögens glassbar 2018-2019 Cosy and tasty little ice cream place to visit 
WITP (Walk in the park) 2018 Park themed restaurant in Gothenburg with the best pizza I’ve ever had
Kockarnas Matlucka 2018 Restaurant at Smögen
MinDoris 2016-2020 Jewellery designer (and dear friend) Amanda Oscarsson and her beautiful creations

basically I'm a photographer based in Gothenburg. Originally from a mentally abandoned island called Orust and born in 1988. By working at a Pinchos restaurant I got the opportunity to lit a real flame for my passion for photography. Helping out to take pictures for the menus, websites, their social media and so on really got me where I am today. So since I started again I've upgraded myself a bit. I have a photography studio at home and I've gotten myself a wonderful baby to carry in my hands; Canon 5D Mark IV. If you wish to come in contact with me you can reach me at info@yonas.nu 
I am always looking for models that like having their picture taken and feel comfortable in front of a camera. If you like my style, please do apply. Tell me where you live and if you have any special wishes
Thank you! You'll be hearing from me shortly
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